Unlocking the combined power of the greek community


The Greek market has historically been fragmented & underserved. That’s going to change.

Greek organizations deserve to keep more of the money that’s made from their brands.

We will empower your organization by creating a suite of modern tools to drive member engagement and passive new revenue streams


Turnkey E-commerce

White Label Service

A Win-Win

Enrichly’s white labels service manages anything from E-commerce storefronts, sales and marketing channels to vendor and distributor relationships

Creating a Win-Win situation by providing increased royalty revenue to Greek organizations and individual chapters, while allowing members to enjoy best-in-class service and product offerings that increases organizations’ brand equity increase

Through Enrichly, Greek organizations will be able to offer an intuitive and turnkey e-commerce experience to their members and sell higher margin products/services to both collegiate and alumni members

A next-gen platform that serves the needs of Greek organizations and their members


The team

Peter Yobo


Mike Covert


Lynn Chipperfield



What does Enrichly do for fraternities and sororities?

Enrichly is a platform that helps fraternities and sororities manage their activities better. It combines online selling, member training, social activities, and career support into one place. We aim to make every member's experience more valuable and help your organization grow.

How is Enrichly different from other platforms?

Unlike other platforms that just handle basic tasks, Enrichly is all about improving the whole experience of being in a Greek organization. We provide tools for personal growth, making friends, and getting ready for your career. Enrichly is about making sure you get the most out of your time in your fraternity or sorority.

How does Enrichly help our organization financially?

With Enrichly, your organization can earn more money through online sales and other new ways. This extra money means you can do more for your members, like providing better tools and resources. It's all about giving back and making sure your fraternity or sorority is strong now and in the future.

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